STARTING OUT Tips - Missions and Combat

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STARTING OUT Tips - Missions and Combat

Post by HallwayOrchard on Wed Sep 16, 2015 2:57 pm

SWU has some fairly deep gameplay which can be confusing at first.  Here's a running list of things you may find useful.

Missions are a thing

Missions are the main part of SWU.  You run around shooting people and taking their shit because really you're just a glorified burglar at best, and at worst a mass murderer.

In order to get Gear, Credits and XP, you need to complete missions.  Several, and I mean excessive amounts of, different types of missions are available to you.

Story Missions

Where: Story missions are the main narrative in SWU.  Your character owes somebody else so you do a mission... that mission uncovers some information so you do a mission... that mission catches the eye of some other dude that's a bat in a vest.... etc etc.... MISSIONS MISSIONS MISSIONS.

When: As soon as you start you can do some story missions. You typically require a particular character level to do a mission so you may need to gain XP doing other missions before you can take on the next story mission.

What: You can get all manner of gear, credits and XP from story missions.  Typically, they are high in XP.

Why: Story missions are important to do because they unlock new systems.  Once you complete the story arc of a particular system, that system becomes available to you as an option for Credit, Assault, and Repeatable missions.  This is important, because more systems means more credits and more opportunity for specific crystals.

Daily Credit Missions

Where: Any unlocked system will have Daily Credit Missions available.  The more unlocked systems, the more Daily Credit Missions you can run.

When: Once per day, you can run these missions.  The clock resets each evening.

What: MONEY, and a small amount of crystal.

Why: MONEY.  Credits can be a real bottleneck.  If you're not doing every available Daily Credit Mission you can just go fuck yourself right now.  Don't waste my fucking time asshole.

Daily Assault Missions

Where: Daily Assault Missions are available on any unlocked system.  You can choose where you do Daily Assault Missions and should consider the following:

  • Daily Assault Missions contribute Battle Readiness to the system you complete them on.  This determines where the next Sector Battle will occur.
  • Different systems award different crystals (see my post on this topic) so if you're looking for a particular component, you can run all your Daily Assault Missions on the associated system.

When: What part of DAILY don't  you understand?  FIVE Daily Assault Missions can be done each day.  The clock resets in the morning.

What: Lots of XP and some good gear.  Also, as mentioned above, crystals specific to the system you are running the mission on.

Why: Battle readiness!  XP! Just fucking do them.

Daily Opportunity Missions

Where: Any place your character is walking around that isn't a mission will be populated with people you can talk to.  One of these people will have a big fucking yellow STAR above their head.  Talk to this person, get a Daily Opportunity Mission.

When: Once per day.

What: A mixed bag.  Some days it will be Credits, others it will be high end Gear.  I've also received crew members and even Chromium from Daily Opportunity Missions.  The XP on Daily Opportunity Missions is negligible.

Why: Why do you keep asking why?  Do it to get stuff...

Repeatable Missions

Where: Any unlocked system is available to do Repeatable Missions.

When: Any fucking time you want... as many times as you want.

What: Repeatable Missions offer eight component canisters and whatever credits you can scrape out of the lube jars on the level.  The components are Materials (Desh), for leveling up your gear.  Repeatable Missions award ZERO XP.

Why: Once you're out of all the dailies, Repeatable Missions are available to grind through to get some coin and component.  If you're low on credits, you can also sell the Desh you get.  

Cartel Opportunity Missions

Where: Random systems, as dictated by our gay robot, Tin-Nips.

When: Cartel Opportunity Missions unlock once our cartel reaches level 20... Why are you still here reading this?  You should be out there running all the OTHER types of missions to increase our cartel level so we can get MOAR missions!

What: No fucking idea... you bastards haven't unlocked them yet  Mad

Why: I'm not even going to glorify that with an answer...

Sector Battle Missions

Where: Whichever poor system is under attack from the Empire will have Sector Battle Missions you complete on the planet and Sector Battle Missions you complete on the attacking ship.

When: During a Sector Battle (about once a week)!

What: For ground battles, you are awarded a Battle Plan. Five Battle Plans get's you the entry fee for one Sector Battle Mission on the attacking ship. As far as rewards go, I forget! A small amount of XP, similar to the Daily Credit Missions and some other stuff... I'll update later.

Why: Sector Battle Missions contribute to some tally of Sector Battle Points... cartels and players with high levels of these points get crazy rewards. Candy Van will likely never see these. But hey, you get to fight missions on a Star Destroyer... pretty cool.


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