Repeatable Missions Chart

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Repeatable Missions Chart

Post by HallwayOrchard on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:03 am

Repeatable missions are your ticket to DESH materials to upgrade your gear.  At any point your character will have access to several repeatable options.  Below is a list of repeatable missions in order of required Player Rating (PR).  

Find your current PR and do the repeatable missions with the highest level below your PR in this list.  This way you will be maximizing your rewards.

SystemLevelTierRequire PRLowest MaterialHighest MaterialPulls
Burnin Konn51 (minor)100★1★13
Mataou101 (minor)200★1★24
Burnin Konn52 (standard)205★1★23
Burnin Konn53 (better)298★1★23
Burnin Konn151 (minor)300★1★25
Mataou201 (minor)400★1★26
Mataou102 (standard)410★1★24
Hoth251 (minor)500★1★36
Burnin Konn54 (best)537★1★33
Mataou103 (better)596★1★34
Burnin Konn301 (minor)600★1★38
Burnin Konn152 (standard)615★1★35
Mataou351 (minor)700★1★39
Hoth351 (minor)700★1★39
Anoat351 (minor)700★1★39
Mataou202 (standard)820★1★36
Burnin Konn153 (better)895★1★35
Hoth252 (standard)1025★1★46
Mataou104 (best)1075★1★44
Mataou203 (better)1193★1★46
Burnin Konn302 (standard)1230★1★48
Mataou352 (standard)1435★1★49
Hoth352 (standard)1435★1★49
Anoat352 (standard)1435★1★49
Hoth253 (better)1491★2★56
Burnin Konn154 (best)1612★2★55
Burnin Konn303 (better)1790★2★58
Mataou353 (better)2088★2★59
Hoth353 (better)2088★2★59
Anoat353 (better)2088★2★59
Mataou204 (best)2150★2★56
Hoth254 (best)2687★2★56
Burnin Konn304 (best)3225★3★58
Mataou354 (best)3762★3★59
Hoth354 (best)3762★3★59
Anoat354 (best)3762★3★59


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